February 2018

Employees are a caring family

by Audrey Cannon

It seems like every month, I hear of an employee who helped save the life of a fellow citizen. Without fail, I give them a call to thank them and ask if I can share their story with employees and retirees. They deserve the utmost respect and recognition, and they make me proud to work at Dominion Energy.


While patrolling for damage after a recent ice storm, Terrence Moore and Jeff Miller rushed to assist an elderly woman who had slipped in her driveway. They didn’t even consider leaving her side until EMS arrived, and she now considers them her “guardian angels.”


Another employee, Dave Ortega, didn’t hesitate to call for help when something didn’t seem right with a customer. It turns out, the man was bleeding on his brain and would have died without proper medical attention. The customer’s children now credit Dave with saving their father’s life.


And two employees are taking a more proactive approach to preserving life.


Tommy McDuffie and his 1-year-old great-granddaughter are featured on an Ohio billboard to raise awareness for child abuse prevention.


Glenda Baul is a heart disease survivor and volunteer spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She believes her purpose is to share her story, so she can encourage others to get checked or make a lifestyle change.


And while Glenda’s family is glad she’s alive and well, others are not so fortunate. Rohit Sharma reflects on his father’s untimely death from a heart attack, and remembers the impact of his life.


Finally, we are so proud of our colleagues who have volunteered their time in Puerto Rico to help rebuild the electric grid there.


Read the stories of three of the 80 employees who are working on the island now. I was able to touch base with them before they left to learn about their excitement, fears, and the families they are leaving behind.


And one brave employee recently returned from a six-week stint serving on a volunteer brigade in Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised. Read about her adventures and how she got engaged her last week on the island.


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