July 2017

Independently doing what you love

by Audrey Cannon

We all have something in common—we are a part of the Dominion Energy family. But we are also radically different from one another. Everyone I meet at the company, whether they realize it or not, has an interesting story to share. This month, we feature employees (and a retiree!) who are deeply passionate about what they do outside of work.


For starters, Pamela Dumire has raised nearly $20,000 for a multiple sclerosis charity by selling homemade baked goods.


Justin Pitches and his wife, Carolyn, have taken advantage of the company’s matching gift program to create an annual need-based scholarship for students in their community.


Lana Ivanova, originally from Russia, taught math to adult nursing students before joining the company. She is confident that what she learned in the classroom should be applied to our workplace.


One retiree, Robert Asplund, serves as a clerk at the General Assembly each year. And when the session ends, he and his wife travel. Since he retired, he has been to Europe five times.


And five employees, from Virginia to Utah, share their favorite tips for protecting the environment at home.


Finally, in a continuation of my effort to learn more about the unique jobs that exist at our company, I spent a day with Matt Goodloe. He’s the only Dominion Energy employee who works at the construction site of the new tower in downtown Richmond.