June 2018

Any man can be a father…

by Audrey Cannon

But it takes someone special to be a dad. This month’s issue of You celebrates Father’s Day, with photos and stories about some of the amazing dads in the Dominion Energy community.


  • Meet Alex Howard, a project specialist for Dominion Energy Utah. Learn about how his son had heart surgery when he was only 4-1/2 months old.
  • Read Nicole Waugh’s firsthand account of when her dad got stage 4 cancer. Nicole was only 15 when he was diagnosed and was terrified of losing her best friend.
  • Check out the awesome photos employees submitted with their fathers or their kids.
  • Finally, read some of the cherished memories of employees whose fathers have passed away.


On a separate note:


  • Learn about how a recent retiree got out of his comfort zone and took the stage with one of the two surviving cast members of the 1939 motion picture Gone With the Wind.
  • Check out this 1925 photograph of the Richmond Appliance Showroom from when the company was VEPCO, or Virginia Electric and Power Company. It highlights the days when people used to purchase appliances from their local electric utility.