August 2017

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Students from every corner of the world

The spirit of Puerto Rico

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‘The gateway drug to farming’

Employees who keep bees

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We’re only as strong as we are united

by Audrey Cannon

As a storyteller, I love chronicling the adventures of employees from the 18 states where we do business. And it's especially rewarding when employee stories from across the country become unexpectedly interwoven.


This month, for instance, read about one employee from Connecticut, one from Ohio, and one from West Virginia who each enjoy fresh eggs from their backyard chickens or ducks. And I bet you’ll get a laugh out of the imaginative names these “poultry princesses” have given their pets.


Also connecting employees and retirees across multiple states is the art of beekeeping. Our company beekeepers claim they found each other through “water cooler conversations” about their passion for raising bees.


Backyard hobbies aside, employees from several states share personal experiences that have made them stronger:


And while Karlitza’s story (which she shares in both Spanish and English) is stirring and beautiful, she represents only one of the diverse interns who have joined the company for the summer. Read about a handful of the other students who embody the future of Dominion Energy.


And if you’re curious how those internships may evolve into careers, check out the stories of some of your coworkers who began as student workers.