July 2018

Internship gives new perspective

by Korynn Burfoot

Prior to three weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what my niche would be as a writer at an energy company. I only knew that I loved to write, I had the desire to venture away from home for the summer, and that the internship was geared toward students studying English, communications, and other similar disciplines.


As I approach my fourth week as an intern, in this short period of time, I have learned that it’s not about finding your specific niche, but about exploring and embracing the journey of finding what keeps you passionate about working.


I am Korynn Burfoot, a rising senior studying English at Norfolk State University. This is my first summer interning with Dominion Energy, and I am thrilled to be spending my summer with the Employee Communications team.


Over the past three weeks, I’ve been fortunate to gain a diverse perspective of the company. I’ve toured a power station, attended multiple professional development workshops, met with executives across the company, and collaborated with other interns from different departments.


Through these various opportunities, I’ve realized that everyone’s journey at Dominion Energy is unique. In this issue of You Magazine, we chose to highlight the journeys of various employees from interns to retirees; as they experience life before, during, and after Dominion Energy.


  • Taylor Zabinsky partners with Aliyah Wooten to give us an inside look at what it’s like to be an HRIS Strategy & Analytics intern here at Dominion Energy.
  • Gurpreet Sandhu shares with Emily Dawson how she became more connected to her culture through Bhangra dance while away at James Madison University.
  • Audrey Cannon speaks with April Stephens about her journey as a mom and advocate for her son who was diagnosed with regressive autism.
  • In “Magic happens when you retire,” Korynn Burfoot interviews Mary Young about her trip to L.A. with Magic Johnson after retiring.
  • Newly retired Angie Vienot shares why her passion for electricity drove her to get a tattoo tribute to her career while at Dominion Energy.