April 2018

Use it or lose it

by Audrey Cannon

After nearly 30 faithful years of service to the company, John Wiley—who has been my manager since I joined the workforce two years ago—is retiring. I wish everyone was lucky enough to have a manager like John as their first-ever boss in the “real world.” How I will miss my trusted advisor, unparalleled editor, frequent giver of Sweetarts, AP style expert, and friend.


Even if you don’t know John, check out the article he wrote—his “swan song,” as I’ve been calling it—in which he reflects on the precious gift of time, noting the words of the Rev. Billy Graham: “Your only choice is to use it or to lose it. Either invest it, or let it dribble like sand through your fingers.”


If you slip into an existential crisis after reading John’s article, these stories about puppies will cheer you up. You will swoon at the pictures!


  • A Utah employee and his wife breed beautiful goldendoodle puppies and sell them around the world.

  • In West Virginia, an employee and her fiancé breed precious silver Labradors and have delivered them far and wide.

In other news:


  • Meet five female veterans from across the company as they share everything from learning to shoot to raising a family.

  • Finally, read about an employee who is a 5th degree black belt, instructor, and organizational manager at his Hanover, Va., dojo, a training facility for martial arts.